Eastern Road

The sun rises in spectacular shades over the sea off Eastern Road. So does the moon! From a huge red disk to a spotlight of white casting billions of sequins on an indigo sea.

Eastern Road was a prime location for Bahamian Real Estate even before Black Beard built his look out tower there in the Eighteenth Century for commanding views of the natural harbour.

The best locations in any area are chosen by the first to settle there, then usually move into the hands of those most able to afford or defend them. You find traces of our entire Bahamian history along Eastern Road, from ruins of old forts and houses hidden in the tropical undergrowth to sprawling colonial and modern mansions on hill tops and shore lines. High walls and gates conceal much of the spectacular shoreline but there are beach access and boat ramps along the road. Early Governors of the Bahamas had their elegant summer homes here to avoid the heat of the city. They are still in use.

Off shore reefs and islands shelter Eastern Road homes and estates from the major force of occasional storms. Yet, balmy sea breezes cool the air and the structures, and eliminate most flying pests. The higher ground along the ridge creates some of the most breath taking views in the nation, miles of sun-drenched, multi-blued ocean, white caped waves, gum drop coloured houses and brilliant tropical foliage.

Until very recently you could drive all around New Providence on the coastal road, the Eastern portion of which was and is known as Eastern Road. Eastern Rd. stretches from the eastern end of East Bay St., The royal Nassau Sailing Club and the Montagu Foreshore to the point where Prince Charles Dr. meets Eastern Rd. at the sea. The coastal road then becomes "Yamacraw Hill Rd. " until it crosses Fox Hill Rd. and becomes "Joe Farrington Rd. "

Eastern Road remains one of the most prestigious addresses in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. It propbably has more millionaires per square mile than any other Bahamian locations except Lyford Cay and Ocean Club Estates. (Eastern Road "lots" are usually bigger, of course!)


  • Potters Cay: Under the Paradise Island Bridge on East Bay St.
  • Crazy Johnnies: On East Bay St.
  • Fantastic tropical foliage spilling over walls: Bougainvillea, Pink Poui, Golden Shower, Royal Poincianna
  • Fort Montagu: Nassau's oldest fort located on the Montagu Foreshore
  • Montagu Foreshore: Site of regattas and weekend cook outs; children's playground
  • Montagu Beach: Public beach
  • Montagu Ramp: Native conch and fish market
  • Solomon's Folly: A house built to look like a light house
  • The Eastern Point: Public beach and vantage point where Prince Charles meets Eastern Rd
  • Waterloo Night Club (former home of Sir Stafford Sands who created modern Bahamas tourism and colourful currency.


  • Potter's Cay Fish Fry
  • Poop Deck East
  • Double D
  • East Villa (oriental)
  • Double Dragon (Chinese)
  • Star Bucks (Harbour Bay SC)
  • Montagu Gardens (Bahamian, Cosmopolitan)


  • Nassau Yacht Club
  • Nassau Sailing Club


  • St. Anne's at Fox Hill Rd.


  • Summit Academy on East Bay St.
  • St. Annes at Fox Hill Rd.
  • St. Andrews on Yamacraw Hill Rd.


  • East Bay Shopping Centre
  • Harbour Bay Shopping Centre on East Bay St.
  • Sea Grapes Shopping Centre, Prince Charles East Bay St.
  • Many top off shore bank and trust companies
  • Bahamas Realty Ltd.
  • Seagrapes Shopping Centre (On Prince Charles Dr.)
  • Winton Super Value (Just off Eastern Rd. on Prince Charles Dr.)


  • Montague Foreshore
  • Breezy Hill Estates
  • Ryswick
  • Blair
  • Dick's Point
  • Brace Ridge
  • Glengariff Gardens
  • Brigadoon Estates
  • High Vista
  • Fox Hill Creek
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Terrace Ridge
  • Tower Heights
  • Ridgeway
  • Jacaranda Heights
  • Buttonwood Hills
  • Camperdown Heights
  • East Horizon
  • Winton Heights
  • Winton Estates Coast
  • Sea Grapes
  • Sunrise Acres
  • Port New Providence
  • Palm Cay
  • Treasure Cove